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If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re in for a real treat: That special, charming, unfindable-anywhere-else traditional Irish hospitality but in a stylish, contemporary, chic, comfy, curl-up-in-a-nest-like setting. It’s the smartest, friendliest, warmest-welcoming hotel in Belfast. It’s the Fitzwilliam Hotel and it’s unlike anything else.

Open your mind and hold on to your hat – you’re going to love this…

Best Sleep Offer

Overnight stay in a super-luxurious five-star guestroom; it’s simply the best deal.

From $269.00 per night.

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Get To Know Belfast City

Our concierge team are the best in the city.

Take a look at their top highlights of Belfast city and don’t forget to ask us for directions during your stay.

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Find the Perfect Choice for You

Romantic break or family getaway…

The extraordinary five-star Fitzwilliam welcome will be ready for your arrival.

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